Business Credit Partner Network

If you are considering using the network program or are reading about it you are likely either facing an obstacle of reaching your goal because of insufficient or derogatory credit or you have excellent credit and are looking for opportunities of managed risk in investments that will pay you for being a credit partner.

Today Credit is essential to business and the lack of it or insufficient levels of it can halt your business or project. The business credit partner network brings those needing strong credit for financing in most cases to those who have it and will participate as a credit partner in exchange for a fee. The minimum fee charged on any deal through the business credit partner’s network is $2,500 unless an exception is granted. On commercial projects running several millions in value the fee is significantly higher from $50,000 – $100,000 or more. On a project that will net an investor several millions of dollars a minimal fee to a credit partner of $100,000 is a small price to pay for obtaining funding on their project with a credit partner.

As a credit partner you can make over $100,000 on a deal if you qualify. As a credit partner you do not have to invest any thing other than using your credit in a partnership for which you are paid. Credit partners are legal, ethical and moral as they are nothing more than someone entering into a partnership where one party receives a cash fee and the other is able to qualify for project funding with a credit partner who has sufficient credit. Both parties are in full disclosure of the terms and what is agreed upon is written up in a contract so that both parties know what is expected of them in the transaction. While the word partner is used – being a credit partner does not necessarily mean you are made a partner on a project or a deal. The terms of each transaction are negotiated by the parties involved. The Business Credit Partners network does not set or determine the terms of any transaction and both parties are able to set and present the terms they wish to offer.

The amount a credit partner is paid is determined by the level of risk, the time frame and the prospect’s qualifications on the project. Both parties can negotiate the fee. Usually the credit partner willing to sign on for the least amount is chosen, but not always as sometimes only a select few credit partners will meet the requirements for a project in which case higher fees are often charged.

If you are wanting to find a credit partner for a project you will need to click here.

There is no cost to join the Business Credit Partner network to receive proposals from those seeking a credit partner. You can opt out of receiving prospect proposals at any time. You are never under any obligation to be a credit partner and you choose when and if you wish to accept a proposal from someone seeking a credit partner.

Your contact information is never given to prospects looking for credit partners unless you choose to contact them after reading their proposal.

There is no credit score requirement to seek a credit partner, but to be a credit partner for someone and be paid you need a personal credit score of 680 or higher. If you do not know what you middle credit score is you need to get a FICO Complete report to find out by clicking here. Make sure you get the FICO Complete report with all 3 credit scores.

You are under no obligation or commitment in requesting this information. No one will call you unsolicited to be a credit partner – you must respond to the prospect proposals if you want to be a credit partner on a deal.

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